Invaders of the Month

Thumbnail Title Topic Scientific name Month
5477679 SMPT 120x90 The Sign of the Times are the Vines Vines Various spp. October 2019
walnut twig beetle Thousand Cankers Disease Reappears in Maryland Thousand Cankers Disease and Walnut twig beetle Geosmithia morbida and Pityophthorus juglandis August 2019
Trapa sp 120x90 Teaming up to Tackle Two-horned Trapa: A Highly Invasive New Species of Water Chestnut New Water Chestnut Trapa bispinosa July 2019
5393646 SMPT 120x90 Pray for the prey of the praying mantis Exotic mantis species Various spp. June 2019
WeedRisk 120x90 Toil and Trouble: Weed Risk Assessment Weed Risk Assessment Various spp. April 2019
5315017 SMPT 120x90 Tiny beetle, giant impact. Khapra beetle Trogoderma granarium March 2019
5556633 SMPT 120x90 Invasive Vinca, Rhymes with “Stinka” Common periwinkle and bigleaf periwinkle Vinca minor and Vinca major January 2019
5431756 PPT 120x90 ‘Tis the Season to Fear Holly Non-native Invasive Hollies Ilex spp. December 2018
business cargo cargo container 1117210 120x90 Safeguarding American Agriculture – One State at a Time USDA Plant Protection and Quarantine (PPQ) Various spp. November 2018
image 120x90 Spotted Lanternfly and Tree of Heaven Spotted Lanternfly and Tree of Heaven Lycorma delicatula and Ailanthus altissima September 2018
2307060 PPT 120x90 Nitrogen Fixer Fixin’ For Trouble Autumn Olive Elaeagnus umbellata August 2018
image 1 120x90 Stop the Hitchhikers: Clean Your Gear Clean your Gear Various spp. July 2018
Trapa sp 120x90 Trapped Again? A New Species of Water Chestnut Discovered in the Potomac New Water Chestnut Trapa sp. June 2018
Amur Honeysuckle Dog 120x90 Are invasive plants “bugging” you? Japanese barberry and bush honeysuckle Berberis thumbergii and Lonicera maackii May 2018
5398232 PPT 120x90 The cherry blossoms have arrived! Some good, some bad. Cherries Prunus spp. April 2018
8716636765 1dcd2d610c k 120x90 This little piggy went to Maryland? Feral swine, wild boar Sus scrofa March 2018
3D4FCF1A BF58 427E 962F 69A75F5A7A26 120x90 Not so Heavenly Heavenly bamboo, sacred bamboo, nandina Nandina domestica February 2018
5524069 PPT e1519578290676 313x236 Red Alert: Spotted lanternfly Spotted lanternfly Lycorma delicatula January 2018
Agrilus smaragdifrons 313x236 Good for what “Ails” you? A gift from Heaven? Agrilus smaragdifrons Agrilus smaragdifrons December 2017
miscanthus1 313x236 Misgivings over Miscanthus Chinese silver grass Miscanthus sinensis November 2017
495before e1520182335659 313x236 Where Have all the “Flowers” Gone? Invasive & Noxious Weeds along Maryland's Interstate Highways Various spp. October 2017
smallcarpetgrass2 313x236 A Wavyleaf Wannabe Small carpetgrass Arthraxon hispidus September 2017
AsiaticOakWeevil 313x180 Maryland Oaks Would Rather “See No Weevil” Asiatic oak weevil Cyrtepistomus castaneus August 2017
MAEDN 313x236 Not a Professional Scientist? You Can Contribute Regardless! Citizen science Various spp. July 2017
iris pseudacorus 144x144 No Pot of Gold at the End of THIS Rainbow! Yellow flag iris Iris pseudacorus June 2017
corydalis incisa 144x144 An Incisive Invader Incised fumewort Corydalis incisa May 2017
doublefile viburnum 144x144 Choose Your Viburnums with Care Exotic Viburnums Viburnum spp. April 2017
sudden oak death 313x236 Sudden Oak Death Could Be Back in Maryland, and You May Have It. Sudden Oak Death Phytophthora spp. January 2017
callery pear field 313x236 Invasive Species: They’ve Got “Good Genes” Genetics Various spp. December 2016
red spotted newt 313x206 Barriers to BSal: Averting the Apocalypse for North American Salamanders BSal Batrachochytrium salamandrivorans November 2016
lion fish 313x236 King of the (Aquatic) Beasts? Lionfish in North America Lionfish Pterois spp. October 2016
5392873 PPT 120x90 The “nom de plume” of plume grass is: EMERGING INVADER Saccharum ravennae Plume grass / Ravennagrass September 2016
ailanthus1 120x90 Ailanthus’ Achilles Heel: A Poisoned Arrow in a Wilt Fungus Ailanthus wilt Verticillium spp. August 2016
Beebeetreebranches 120x90 Should Bee-Bee Tree be Avoided? Bee-Bee Tree Tetradium daniellii July 2016
cleanyourgear1 120x90 Boaters Beware! Clean your Gear Various spp. June 2016
slanternfly adult 120x90 Shining a Spotlight on Spotted Lanternfly Spotted Lanternfly Lycorma delicatula May 2016
eab 120x90 The Gift That Keeps on Giving Emerald Ash Borer Agrilus planipennis April 2016
wisteria leaves 313x236 Wisteria: Criteria for Deliria?! Exotic Wisterias Wisteria sinensis and Wisteria floribunda March 2016
gypsy moth1 313x236 “I’m Back!” Gypsy moth Lymantria dispar February 2016
Aldrovanda1 313x236 The Waterwheel… Turning Over North American Wetlands Waterwheel plant Aldrovanda vesiculosa January 2016
1412341820726 313x236 Preventing Invaders Preventing Invaders Various spp. December 2015
5469663 PPT 313x236 Lords and Ladies Misbehaving Italian arum Arum italicum November 2015
PB5389509 PPT 300x201 Porcelainberry Porcelainberry Ampelopsis brevipedunculata October 2015
common earthworm1 Exotic Earthworms Exotic Earthworms Various spp. April 2015
Weed Warriors3 313x236 Weed Warriors Weed Warriors Various spp. March 2015
Little Brown Bat 223x236 White Nose Syndrome White Nose Syndrome Pseudogymnoascus destructans* February 2015
Zebra Mussel1 Zebra Mussels Zebra Mussels Dreissena polymorpha January 2015
TCD 2 Thousand Cankers Disease Thousand Cankers Disease Geosmithia morbida December 2014
bushkiller flowers 313x236 Bushkiller Bushkiller Cayratia japonica September 2014
stiltgrass 313x235 Biocontrols for Invasive Plants Biocontrols for Invasive Plants Various spp. January 2014
spotted wing 1 120x90 Spotting the Spotted-Wing Drosophila Spotted-Wing Drosophila Drosophila suzukii October 2013
Zebra Mussel Zebra Mussel Zebra Mussels Dreissena polymorpha April 2013
Cernuella cisalpina www jaxshell org 20bbj4 120x90 Exotic Snails Exotic Snails Various spp. March 2013
cwd map 0 120x90 Chronic Wasting Disease Chronic Wasting Disease Transmissible spongiform encephalopathy (TSE) January 2013
so leopard 313x236 Classroom Pets and Projects Classroom Pets Various spp. September 2012
mam1 313x236 Biological Control Agent for Mile-a-Minute Weed Mile-a-Minute Weevil Rhinoncomimus latipes August 2012
waders3 313x236 Clean Your Gear Aquatic hitchhikers Various spp. July 2012
bwb1 120x90 Boxwood Blight Boxwood Blight Cylindrocladium pseudonaviculatum June 2012
bugs window 5407750 120x90 Kudzu Bug Kudzu Bug Megacopta cribraria May 2012
5510127 PPT 120x90 Lesser Celandine Lesser Celandine or Fig Buttercup Ficaria verna April 2012
weed wrench 120x90 Types of Weed Control Types of Weed Control Various spp. March 2012
ARAELA PB2 120x90 An Unreasonable Facsimile Japanese Angelica Tree Aralia elata January 2012
murdannia1 120x90 Murdannia is Murder Marsh dayflower Murdannia keisak October 2011
kalpic31 uconn plant database 120x90 Castor Oil for What Ails You? Castor Aralia Kalopanax septemlobus September 2011
oak wilt mn 1 120x90 Where There’s a Wilt, There’s a Way Oak Wilt Ceratocystis fagacerum August 2011
rrd1 120x90 Welcome Biological Control or Dreaded Plant Pest? Rose Rosette Disease Emaravirus sp. July 2011
beefsteak plant 1 120x90 You Don’t Want a Stake in This! Beefsteak Plant Perilla frutescens June 2011
VHSFishKill forMISC 120x90 Save Your Bait, and Keep the Fishing Great Live Bait Various spp. April 2011
goat 120x90 A Weapon Against Weeds Goats Capra hircus March 2011
golden bamboo reaves 2 120x90 Have you been Bamboo-zled? Exotic Bamboos Various spp. January 2011
paper mulberry1 120x90 If You Have Allergies, Please Don’t Print This! Paper Mulberry Broussonetia papyrifera December 2010
psb adult 120x90 An Unwanted Pine Pest Revisited Tomicus piniperda Pine Shoot Beetle November 2010
wintermoth 120x90 “Winter? Moth” Winter Moth Operophtera brumata October 2010
cogon md 120x90 “Curse You, Red Baron!” Cogongrass Imperata cylindrica September 2010
tfo 120x90 No Comparison Between Apples and … Trifoliate Orange Poncirus trifoliata August 2010
llmahonia 120x90 It is Not Holly Leatherleaf Mahonia Mahonia bealei July 2010
akebia1 120x90 Chocolate Vine: Not So Sweet Fiveleaf akebia Akebia quinata June 2010
feral cat 120x90 Feral Cats Felis catus Feral Cats April 2010
image 120x90 Despite the Lycopene, Still a Bad Actor Autumn Olive Elaeagnus umbellata March 2010
n maple foliage 120x90 A Familiar and Easily Overlooked Intruder Norway Maple Acer platanoides January 2010
feralhog 120x90 Coming Soon to an Ecosystem Near You? Feral Hogs Sus scrofa December 2009
burmese python 120x90 Could Your Pet Be an Invasive Species? Pets Various spp. November 2009
5021038 PPT 120x90 Dem “Yellows” Give Me the Blues Elm Yellows Phytoplasma spp. October 2009
5205097 PPT 120x90 Tied in Knots by Knotweed Japanese knotweed Fallopia japonica September 2009
Pale swallow wort in bloom 120x90 Beware: The Dog-Strangling Vines! Black and pale swallow-worts Vincetoxicum nigrum and Vincetoxicum rossicum August 2009
1262001 PPT 120x90 What’s Black and White, and Dread All Over? Asian Longhorned Beetle Anoplophora glabripennis July 2009
hydrilla naylor 120x90 There’s No Hiding from Hydrilla Hydrilla Hydrilla verticillata June 2009
mimosa flower kyde 120x90 “But It’s So Beautiful!” Mimosa Albizia julibrissin May 2009
nutria 120x90 Restoration through Eradication: Neutralizing Nutria in the Chesapeake Bay Nutria Myocastor coypus April 2009
grass carp 120x90 Grass Carp in the Chesapeake Bay: A Watery Gypsy Moth? Grass Carp Ctenopharyngodon idella March 2009
bucket bait 120x90 A Bucket-o-Trouble! Bait bucket introductions Various spp. February 2009
firewood 120x90 Buy It Where You Burn It Firewood Various spp. January 2009
5019031 PPT 120x90 Bark Disease Blitzes Beech Beech Bark Disease Complex Neonectria faginata and Neonectria ditissima December 2008
wingedBurningBush2 120x90 Not so Anonymous Euonymus Winged Burning Bush Euonymus alatus November 2008
1113007 PPT 120x90 Brown Marmorated Stink Bug Revisited Brown Marmorated Stink Bug Halyomorpha halys October 2008
kudzu griesser 3 120x90 Savior to Scourge in Only 7 Inches a Day Kudzu Pueraria montana var. lobata August 2008
conium flwrs klk 120x90 Use the Wisdom of Socrates to Identify the “Blood of Socrates” Poison hemlock Conium maculatum July 2008
5550936 PPT 120x90 The Moth that Eats a Million Acres Gypsy Moth Lymantria dispar June 2008
didymo 300 120x90 Oh No! Not Rock Snot! What Do You Know About Didymo? Didymo or rock snot Didymosphenia geminata May 2008
strasser am chestnut 300 120x90 Blight Takes a Bite Out of American Chestnuts Chestnut Blight Cryphonectria parasitica April 2008
Putting a New Spin on Trout Putting a New Spin on Trout Myxobolus cerebralis Whirling Disease March 2008
water lettuce rybicki mattawoman Creek 2007 01 120x90 Potomac River’s Floating Salad Bar Has No Takers Water Lettuce Pistia stratiotes January 2008
2199090 PPT 120x90 Red Alert for Redbay? Laurel wilt and Redbay ambrosia beetle Raffaelea lauricola and Xyleborus glabratus December 2007
rusty crayfish 120x90 Another Case of Good Bait, Gone Bad Orconectes rusticus Rusty Crayfish November 2007
Miscanthus morninglight kyde 120x90 Chinese Silvergrass Chinese Silvergrass Miscanthus sinensis October 2007
ailanthus flwr kyde 120x90 Tree-of-Heaven is Really Stinking Tree-from-Hell Tree of Heaven Ailanthus altissima September 2007
Plt habit LPt Branch Pk S 120x90 New Invader Waves a Red Flag Wavyleaf basketgrass Oplismenus undulatifolius August 2007
mitten crab lee mecum 120x90 Feeling Crabby? Chinese Mitten Crab Eriocheir sinensis July 2007
humulus cody miller 1 120x90 Asian Vine Climbs into Maryland Humulus japonicus Japanese Hops June 2007
Pautom blossoms close up 5 9 06 S 120x90 A Royal Procession in Maryland Princess tree or empress tree Paulownia tomentosa May 2007
calpear k kyde escapes rte50 120x90 Snowstorms in April? Callery Pear Pyrus calleryana April 2007
msx 120x90 MSX (Haplosporidium nelsoni) MSX Haplosporidium nelsoni March 2007
varroa mite 120x90 To Bee, or Not to Bee (with apologies to William Shakespeare) Varroa Mite Varroa destructor February 2007
2159012 PPT 120x90 The Green Menace Emerald Ash Borer Agrilus planipennis January 2007
Berbeirs thunbergii plodovi Barry Rice Bugwood 120x90 Not So Merry Exotic Barberry Japanese Barberry Berberis thunbergii December 2006
5449852 PPT 120x90 Wineberry Wineberry Rubus phoenicolasius September 2006
Coming Soon to a Wetland Near You! Coming Soon to a Wetland Near You! Purple Loosestrife Lythrum salicaria July 2006
5473560 PPT 120x90 Everything Is Coming Up Roses Multiflora Rose Rosa multiflora May 2006
9005048 PPT 120x90 New Viburnum Pest Headed South Viburnum leaf beetle Pyrrhalta viburni April 2006
5508937 PPT 120x90 There’s a special providence in the fall of a sparrow House Sparrow Passer domesticus March 2006
2334761926 b9d04b1a4f z 120x90 Little Green Invaders European green crab Carcinus maenus February 2006
5444407 PPT 120x90 Sirex, You Say! Sirex woodwasp Sirex noctilio January 2006
5542727 PPT 120x90 Japanese Honeysuckle Japanese Honeysuckle Lonicera japonica November 2005
geese young big 120x90 Resident Canada Geese Resident Canada Geese Branta canadensis October 2005
SOD lilac 120x90 National Effort to Contain Disease Underway Sudden Oak Death Phytophthora ramorum August 2005
5487145 PPT 120x90 A Reed Too Common Phragmites / Common Reed Phragmites australis July 2005
1385006 PPT 120x90 Mute Swan Mute Swan Cygnus olor May 2005
5450403 PPT 120x90 Worst Weed in Maryland? Canada thistle / Creeping thistle Cirsium arvense April 2005
5560564 PPT 120x90 Is a Bird in the Hand Worth Two in the Bush? Amur Honeysuckle, Morrow's Honeysuckle, Tatarian Honeysuckle Lonicera maackii, L. morrowii, and L. tatarica March 2005
5430720 PPT 120x90 Rust on the Queen’s Crown Chrysanthemum White Rust Puccinia horiana November 2004
1237070 120x90 No Thank You, M‑A‑M! Mile-a-Minute Vine Polygonum perfoliatum October 2004
5444581 PPT 120x90 When is it good to be out of GAS? Giant African Snails Lissachatina fulica September 2004
5389511 PPT 120x90 Porcelainberry Porcelainberry Ampelopsis brevipedunculata July 2004
0002120 PPT 120x90 An Invasive Species Success Story Water Chestnut Trapa natans June 2004
0660072 PPT 120x90 A Pox in the Orchard! Plum Pox Plum pox virus (PPV) May 2004
5447768 PPT 120x90 Public Education Happens in “Iv’y Towers” English Ivy Hedera helix February 2004
5487343 PPT 120x90 From Wreath to Forest Oriental bittersweet Celastrus orbiculatus December 2003
5382326 ppt e1520623824141 313x236 Citizens Urged to Report Pest of Popular Ornamental Shrub Euonymus Leaf Notcher Pryeria sinica November 2003
5410810 PPT 120x90 The Multicolored Asian Lady Beetle: A Mixed Blessing Asian lady beetle Harmonia axyridis October 2003
Microstegium vimineum 120x90 One of the Fastest-Spreading Forest Weeds Found In 23 States Japanese Stiltgrass Microstegium vimineum September 2003
5475893 PPT 120x90 Omnivorous Insect a Risk to Humans, Animals, and the Nursery Industry Red Imported Fire Ant Solenopsis invicta August 2003
0580062 120x90 Colonial Medicine Herb Plasters the Woods with Mustard Garlic Mustard Alliaria petiolata May 2003
2121079 PPT 120x90 A Very Serious Menace Giant Hogweed Heracleum mantegazzianum April 2003
Hemlock woolly adelgid 768x512 120x90 Non-Native Insect Threatens Health of Popular and Beneficial Trees Hemlock Woolly Adelgid Adelges tsugae March 2003