Don’t Jump to Conclusions about Asian Jumpseed

1 Persicaria filiformis Flowering IOTM 20200913 175746

Asian jumpseed   –   Persicaria filiformis   |   May 14, 2022   |   Maryland Invasive Species Council Contacts: Judy Fulton, EcoPlant Consulting, | Sara Tangren, National Capital PRISM Asian jumpseed cultivars are often sold or traded as plants native to Maryland. Plant enthusiasts frequently mistake this foreign interloper for a native due to a history of taxonomic […]

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Wisteria: Criteria for Deliria?!

wisteria leaves

Contact: Michael Ellis, M-MCPPC | ANNAPOLIS, MD (March 01, 2016) – Spring is nearly here! Landscapes across Maryland will be covered in beautiful blooms of all kinds. But invasive wisteria species really take that concept to the next level, climbing to the tops of some of Maryland’s tallest trees, smothering and choking out other […]

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Preventing Invaders


Contact: James Young, Plant Protection and Quarantine, USDA APHIS | Matt Travis, MD State Plant Health Director, USDA APHIS | ANNAPOLIS, MD (December 1, 2015) – Exotic species are in the news almost daily. They can be found in our parks and even in our own backyards. Sadly, many of them are so […]

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Lords and Ladies Misbehaving

5469663 PPT

Contact: Carolyn Puckett, Carroll County Forest Conservancy Board | ANNAPOLIS, MD (November 1, 2015) – No, we are not talking about indiscretions by European aristocrats. Our misbehaving “lords and ladies” are errant populations of Arum italicum, whose common names include “Italian arum,” “orange candleflower,” “cuckoo’s pint,” as well as “Italian lords-and-ladies.” Like many of […]

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PB5389509 PPT 300x201

Contact: Sylvan Kaufman, Chesapeake Conservation Landscaping Council | ANNAPOLIS, MD (October 1, 2015) – Porcelainberry vine was a popular ornamental plant with its beautiful multicolored fruits, but it has become a thug in backyards, urban parks, and natural areas across Maryland. The Maryland Invasive Species Council (MISC) has chosen Porcelainberry as October’s “Invader of […]

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bushkiller flowers

Contact: Kerrie Kyde, Maryland DNR Natural Heritage Program | ANNAPOLIS, MD (September 9, 2014) – A new invasive vine related to grapes has appeared in Maryland. Like its cousin porcelainberry, bushkiller (Cayratia japonica) is a perennial vine with tendrils that allow it to climb up and over other vegetation. Bushkiller earns its murderous name […]

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Biocontrols for Invasive Plants

Japanese stiltgrass leaf blight

Contact: Marc Imlay, Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission (M-NCPPC) | Chair, Bio-Control Working Group of the Mid-Atlantic Invasive Plant Council (MAIPC) | Cell: (301) 442-5657 | ANNAPOLIS, MD (January 1, 2014) Our tool kit for successful control of non-native invasive plants includes preventing new invasive species from coming in from Europe, Asia, and other continents; manual […]

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Biological Control Agent for Mile-a-Minute Weed


Contact: Robert Trumbule, Maryland Department of Agriculture | ANNAPOLIS, MD (August 20, 2012) – Mile-a-minute weed, Persicaria perfoliata(L.) H. Gross, is an annual Asian vine that has invaded a variety of habitats in the northeastern and mid-Atlantic states. First discovered in southeastern Pennsylvania in the mid-1930’s, it has since spread to as many as […]

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