Palmer Amaranth: The Most Obnoxious Noxious Weed in Maryland

palmer adult scaled

The Concern Palmer amaranth was first discovered in Maryland during the mid-twentieth century, but wasn’t added to the Maryland Noxious Weed Law until 2020. This law prohibits the import and transport of the noxious weed throughout the state and requires infested lands be managed for the eradication of the species. Palmer amaranth is problematic for […]

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We are legion, we are lanternfly


By Kenton Sumter – Maryland Department of Agriculture. It’s been more than four years since spotted lanternfly (Lycorma delicatula) made its way into the Maryland Invasive Species Council’s Invader of the Month. While some folks may have lost track of it, this pernicious insect has unfortunately been very busy. From its original discovery in Cecil […]

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Don’t Jump to Conclusions about Asian Jumpseed

1 Persicaria filiformis Flowering IOTM 20200913 175746

Asian jumpseed   –   Persicaria filiformis   |   May 14, 2022   |   Maryland Invasive Species Council Contacts: Judy Fulton, EcoPlant Consulting, | Sara Tangren, National Capital PRISM Asian jumpseed cultivars are often sold or traded as plants native to Maryland. Plant enthusiasts frequently mistake this foreign interloper for a native due to a history of taxonomic […]

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Unravelling Maryland’s Knotweed Problem, One Psyllid at a Time

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This spring, the Maryland Department of Agriculture (MDA) has begun to raise the knotweed psyllid, Aphalara itadori, for eventual release on knotweed (Fallopia spp) plants in Maryland. The first 500 psyllids arrived in April from colleagues at the Philip Alampi Beneficial Insect lab, the New Jersey state facility, and became the start of the Maryland […]

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