Other Invertebrates

Key CodeScientific NameCommon Name
* 2, 3* Bythotrephes longimanusSpiny Water Flea
1, 2, 3Carcinus maenasGreen Crab
2Cernuella cisalpinaMaritime Garden Snail
2, 3Corbicula flumineaAsian Clam
* 1, 2, 3* Cornu aspersumBrown Garden Snail
* 2* Daphnia lumholtziDaphnia
1, 2, 3Dreissena polymorphaZebra Mussel
* 1, 2, 3, 4* Eriocheir sinensisChinese Mitten Crab
2, 3Hemigrapsus sanguineusAsian Shore Crab
1, 3Heterodera glycinesSoybean Cyst Nematode
1, 3Heterodera zeaeCorn Cyst Nematode
1, 3Meloidogyne haplaNorthern Root Knot Nematode
1, 3Meloidogyne incognitaSouthern Root Knot Nematode
2Orconectes virilisVirile Crayfish
2Orconectes rusticusRusty Crayfish
* 2* Rapana venosaRapa Whelk


* Red Alert species: Species not yet established in Maryland but considered to be of high risk.

  1. Currently Regulated by state and/or federal law
  2. Widely recognized by biologists and natural resource managers to degrade natural resources and/or negatively impact native species
  3. Known to have a negative economic impact on agricultural or natural resources
  4. Known or potential negative impacts on human (or animal) health